kidrunner running with your kids

You may feel like running away from your kids sometimes, but thanks to a nifty new invention – the Kidrunner – you can now run with them in tow instead.

Designed in the US (where else) this half-bicycle/half-chariot is suitable for kids from six-months to five years-old.  We think running with your kids could just be the perfect family bonding fitness experience. (Depending on how your family deal with the occasional gawping passer-by.)


The Kidrunner is still being tweaked and road tested, but it's billed as lighter, faster and more natural for (owing to the hands-free position) than traditional baby jogger prams.

Your child is towed behind you in a wagon made of composite wood and carbon. And if you happen to ditch your offspring en route – and we certainly wouldn't judge you, if they've been repeatedly whining "Are we theeerre yet?" – you can wrap the whole contraption up into a backpack weighing less than 9kg.

Want to see it in action? Here's a proper athlete showing off and winning a 10k race with it. Although we can't quite tell if he's got a real-life kid in the back, or just his packed lunch.

The Kidrunner will go on sale later this year. If you're a runner, it could well be a more fun method of getting your kids to sleep than walking round and round the block, pushing a buggy. Then again, you might just look a bit nuts.