Are you sick of walking around surrounded by concrete blocks and traffic jams? Then the folk behind the Walkonomics app think they have the answer.

Most mapping apps are designed to get you from point A to B are programmed to find the fastest route, which very often can mean walking along side busy roads and other traffic arteries within a city.

Walkonimics, however, doesn't focus on time, but looks for the most pleasant route for you to walk. In stead of trudging along side 8000 stinking cars, it'll do its upmost to fake you via parks and through trees.

The down side - because every silver lining has a cloud - is that the scenic route is often longer, so you're either be getting out of bed earlier, or risking a bollocking off the boss in exchange for a meadow fresh commute.

Right now, the only cities covered by the app are London, Paris, and New York. That's maybe a good thing. Jamie Lannister could count the trees in Birmingham on one metal hand.

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