Forget the Olympics. Forget the Tour de France. Forget the football (even if Southgate is the one, and he still turns you on). Forget all international sporting pursuits that have ever given you an inkling of patriotic fervour. Why? Because it's very nearly time to throw all of your weighty support behind our brave Team GB boys who'll be competing as host nation for the first time at the STIHL Timbersports World Championship this October. 

Our GB team will consist of British champion Elgan Pugh, Glen Penlington, David Thomas and Andrew Evans - with reserve Craig Golder first off the sub's bench if he's required.

The STIHL Timbersports World Championship will take place at Liverpool's Echo Arena on the 19th and 20th of October. Athletes from more than 20 nations will be present, competing against each other in sawing, slicing, and chopping wood at speed using axes and saws. It's going to be like that time your Dad tried to build a shed except much, much, better than that and on a much bigger scale. 

The Brits will take part in the Team Event on Friday, October 19th. This will see the national squads go up against each other in a knockout competition. The disciplines of Stock Saw, Underhand Chop, Single Buck and Standing Block Chop will be completed by four athletes in a relay format. Our star man, and leading hope, Elgan Pugh will take his place in the Individual Event on Saturday, October 20th. 

"It’s an honour to be named in the British team and I can’t wait to represent the country as we host the STIHL Timbersports World Championship for the first time," said Pugh, "We’re excited to test ourselves against the very best athletes in the world. Home advantage can play a crucial part and it will feel incredibly special walking out in front of a sell-out crowd in Liverpool."

For more information on the STIHL Timbersports World Championships, and to buy tickets for it, pay a visit to the Echo Arena website.

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