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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series took place last weekend - with guys jumping from a 27 metre platform. Photo: Romina Amato/Red Bull Cliff Diving

Red Bull Cliff Diving Portugal 2014

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series took place last weekend in the Azores, Portugal with some insane results.

American vaulter Steven LoBue came out on top with nearly 150 points (the highest you can get in the competition) for his quint somersault with a half twist.

Just check out this unreal gallery from the weekend and the video highlights of the pros at work.

Here are a few amateurs who've had a whack at cliff diving themselves. The results are, errr.... varied. It's nothing to do with the comp itself. So, they may not be as slick, but it's still jaw-droppingly impressive.

[part title="WIN: "You owe me lunch, sucker!""]

That looked like it hurt a lot more than this guy let on. Still, at least he won himself a free lunch.

[part title="FAIL: What happens when you don't clear the cliff"]

As with all terrible slam videos, there's always someone shouting, "don't do it, you idiot!" Obviously she was right.

[part title="WIN: Sweeeeeeet!"]

Holy moly! You could break a limb from that height.

[part title="FAIL: How not to jump off a diving board"]

Commit, commit, commit. If you don't, you'll end up like this unfortunate chick. Not quite a cliff, but couldn't help including this whopper.

[part title="WIN: The Neon Legend"]

He may be wearing the most hideous neon outfit known to man... but he certainly knows how to jump.

[part title="FAIL: Justin Bieber"]

Is this the lamest thing you've ever seen? Yes, yes it is.

[part title="WIN: Bravery on the bridge"]

OK, so it's not quite a bridge. But he's taken the same principle and applied it to something much higher and man-made. Props to that.

[part title="FAIL: The epic trip"]

What the hell was this lady thinking?

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