1) You have a beard

Photo: Tumblr

Man Beard Tumblr

2) Or you like people with beards

Photo: D News

Women Like Beards

3) You wear lumberjack shirts. A lot.

Photo Pinterest

Checked Shirt Plaid Lumberjack

4) You don’t get cabin porn as it’s just your house

Photo: anywalls.com

Log Cabin Winter Snow House anywalls.com

5) You can ride a bike in the snow

Photo: singletrackworld.com

Fat Bike Snow Crash Noquemanon Ski Marathon

6) Chips covered in cheese and gravy does not offend you

Photo: Wikipedia

Poutine Chips Gravy Cheese

7) You call beanies toques (pronounced tooks)

Photo: superteachertools.net


8) You love riding powder

snowboard powder pow slash

snowboard powder pow slash

9) You're attitude to most things in life is pretty much this...

10) Hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey!

11) You have a tendency to say "eh" a lot

Keep Calm Canada Eh

Keep Calm Canada Eh

12) You could pretty much spend all day watching Ice Road Truckers

Photo: Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

13) Your idea of a good weekend is hiking and drinking a sunset beer here

Photo: internationaltravellermag.com

14) You would happily drive two hours just to get one of these (and a box of Timbits)

Photo: Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Coffee

15) You think everything goes better with maple syrup. Yep, even turkey.

Photo: Buckwud

Buckwud Maple Syrup