Screen Shot: YouTube (via Science Channel).

If you've ever stood in a lift next to someone with a flatulence problem, you'll appreciate the importance of being able to hold your breath for sustained periods of time. Ricardo da Gama Bahia, try saying that without taking a breath, knows that and has recently taken the art of not breathing to a whole new level.

By filling his lungs with pure oxygen beforehand, Ricardo has been able to hold his head underwater in a Brazilian swimming pool for a remarkable 20 minutes. The video itself does a much better job of explaining it all than we could, but it's basically got something to do with science...and stuff.

Now we're not saying Ricardo da Gama Bahia is Aquaman-made-real. That would be crazy. Aquaman is a fictional comic book character created by Marvel, and fictional comic book characters don't actually exist in the real world. That being said, let's definitely give Ricardo a trident and see what happens.

Aquaman (via

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