insane zombie apocalypse camper

The ultimate off-road camper list

Off-road camper vans are great aren't they? Just looking at them makes you want to roll out of your armchair, pack your bags, and hit the road to explore the great vastness of our world's outdoors.This is true especially when they happen to look like an absolute beast of a vehicle like these epic off-road campers - some of which look like they were designed purposely to survive the zombie apocalypse should it ever happen (and probably would too, mind you).

Here at Mpora, we've conveniently pulled together the ultimate list of off-road camper vans so you don't have to. From the Alpine 8-Wheeler to the Steam Punk Pagoda, there are a variety of styles to cater to a plethora of preferences. Check them out and enjoy!

adventure camper
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crazy motorhome truck
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Jeep camper
motorbike motorhome chrome
off grid living
russian 6 wheeler
off road camper
sick vw bus conversion
unimog 6 wheeler
unimog camper 8 wheel
unimog camper
4x4 camper truck
4x4 camper
4x4 winnebagp
70s winnebago
adventure camper truck
crazy burning man motorhome
expedition portal
unimog in the snow
1922 motorhome

Are there any other off-road camper vans that you think should make it into the list? Share your thoughts!