Thought drones were just made to add to the 'selfie' craze and destroy all your privacy? Think again - because this one could save your life.

The ambulance drone comes from Dutch TU Delft University student Alec Momont, and with a defibrillator integrated inside, it aims to raise the percentage of survivors amongst those suffering from cardiac arrest.

"Our vision is to improve current emergency infrastructure with a network of drones capable of saving lifes," said Momont. "At over 100kph, these drones create an ultra-fast response system, increasing the survival chance from eight to eighty percent.


"This is because the ambulance drone is not affected by current road infrastructure, but is capable of flying in a straight line, bringing down the average response time of an ambulance from ten minutes to one."

The idea sounds like a pretty great one, and it's worth noting that there is a webcam and a microphone built in to the drone so the emergency services can talk you through what you're doing as well.

While the current function of the drone revolves around cardiac arrest, Momont notes that the device is effectively a "toolbox for your emergency needs".

In the future, the functions could be expanded to serve cases involving drowning, diabetes, respiratory issues and traumas.

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