It's kind of rare that road going motorcycles make their way onto the hallowed virtual pages of Mpora but, purely by virtue of air time, we're giving this leather-clad dude the recognition he deserves.

This group of bikers were out enjoying a day or tearing around the stunning vistas of North America, living the middle-aged, comfortable-income dream, but when one of them tried to overtake a pickup truck around a bend, things went tits-up, and quickly.

An oncoming SUV forced the biker up a grassy bank and several meters into the ether. It's the kind of air time most of us would be envious of, if only he meant to do it. A second later, and our friend found the ground with a heavy slam and a couple of rolls.


Luckily, the hapless bikers pals were around to give him a hand. Following six "Oh fuck"s and an extra three solo "fuck"s, they hopped a four foot barbed wire fence. and ran to his aid.

It's not clear how badly injured he was, but if we've learnt anything from those Join The Army adverts that were on TV a few years ago, we thing the fact he's making a noise and rolling around suggests that, while in a lot of pain, he survived his flight.

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