“That’s all your sport for today, so now over to our ‘Crazy Russians’ correspondent, and a dude who decided to test out a bomb-proof helmet by getting shot in the head with a revolver."

Yes, that’s right, Russia is back to you make question humanity again. They must put something special in the water over there, because their population really do get up to some properly mad shit.

If they’re not jumping off buildings whilst on fire, they’re doing it with a triple backflip chucked in for good measure, and apparently when they’re not jumping off buildings at all, they’re shooting their mates in the head.

He must have had a lot of faith in his trigger-happy friend's aiming ability...

We have no idea what the guys in this video are saying. We just know that the dude wearing the helmet must have had a lot of faith in his trigger-happy friend’s aiming abilities and the fact that his ‘bomb-proof helmet’ was really damn well made.

Come to think of it, a similar testing process would’ve made for a great Nokia 3310 advert back in the day. You couldn’t break those things with an electric sledgehammer powered by the ignorance of Katie Hopkins.

That’s all from us for now, though. Back to you in the Studio, or if you’re after more crazy Russians, you may want to stick around...

Oh, and thank God that helmet worked. That could've been messy.

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