It’s not uncommon to hear someone describe something as ‘just the tip of the iceberg’. It means that there’s a lot more to a story than meets the eye, as the only point of an iceberg you usually see is the top, while the hidden bulk of it remains underwater.

So, does anyone actually know what the other side of an iceberg looks like? Other than Leonardo Di Caprio at the end of the Titanic?

We didn’t use to, but, thanks to Alex Cornell, who snapped an overturned berg on a trip to the Antarctic, now we do – and the truth is truly stunning.

Alex Cornell

Alex Cornell

The first thing that you’ll probably notice is that it’s a crazy kind of blue, and that it looks like some kind of otherworldly rock that could probably remove Superman’s powers.

The blue comes from the ice being so tightly packed together within the entity, as well as the water that keeps it clear and the little living bacteria who decide to take it on as their new home.

It looks like the kind of otherworldly rock that could probably remove Superman's powers...

Few would argue that the photos are stunning, and it is pretty amazing given that most people think of an icy block of dulled white or Kate Winslet crying when they're told to picture an iceberg.

It’s a crazy old world, and who knows what other natural wonders are waiting to be discovered. This one, you could say, is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

And you'll find no apologies here for that pun.

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