Photo: Michael McMaster/GrindTV

golbin shark 6

If we were to tell you that there was such a thing as a Goblin Shark, you would probably think we were lying. You would probably think that it was just something from Middle Earth, or a scary moniker we had created to get you intrigued. You would be wrong.

Unfortunately enough for the population of Earth, and particularly the Southern Hemisphere, Goblin Sharks are real, as this father and son recently found out on a fishing trip gone wrong in Australia.

Now, we don’t do much fishing ourselves, but we’re pretty sure that it's meant to be relaxing. You bring along a picnic, you sit in silence and breathe in the fresh air – and you don’t normally have to battle an evolutional atrocity like this ugly aqua-monster.

Still don’t think it’s that bad? Well here’s a clip of the Goblin Shark in action that will make you change your mind.

In case you’re still not clear, yes, the shark’s mouth did just come out of it’s head, like that monster in Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Anything that even remotely draws that comparison is not welcome round for dinner at our house, that’s for sure.

Sounds like it’s just about time to get Henry the Hoover out and start draining those oceans. Sorry surfers. It's for your own good.

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