A great white shark was found swimming in Lake Macquarie in Australia last week, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 2.5 metre beast swam around the Murrays Beach jetty for about an hour while people reached into the water to touch it.

Photo: Clinton Bambach

great white lake macquarie

Surprisingly, this is not a rare occurrence. Lake Macquarie is about 80 miles from Sydney with a large channel leading to the ocean. At this time of year, it's common to find sharks swimming into the lake to find warmer water.

Spectator Clinton Bambach saw the shark in action, but doesn't feel it was acting threatening towards human attention at all, he told the Sydney Morning Herald. However, he is worried about people wanting to catch or kill it.

"Being a fishermen myself and a lover of all creatures, I don't want this shark to get injured just because it is feeding, it is just doing its thing," said Bambach.

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