Leaf Burning

Leaf Burning

Everyone knows that one person who takes things too far. Whether it's the guy at the house party who does a poo in the bin or the guy at the other house party who does a poo on the trampoline (it's the same guy), everyone knows a guy who, no matter the circumstances, will inevitably find a way to push back the boundaries of acceptability.

Now, we're not saying that the leaf burner in this video is the type of guy who likes to poo in inappropriate places at house parties. That's not what we're saying here. No way, José. No way. However, if his excessive usage of petrol and fire is anything to go by (see below) it's fair to say that this is a man no stranger to overkill. The explosion here would be enough to annihilate a well made shed, let alone a pile of crappy leaves.

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