Can you learn to hold your breath for up to five minutes with just one day's training?

Red Bull took a bunch of athletes including Travis Pastrana and Tarah Gieger out to Hawaii to learn how to freedive.

Freediving is no easy feat. Back in 2002, pro freediver Audrey Mestre passed out underwater and died while trying to break the world record of freediving to 581ft. Just last year pro Nicholas Mevoli died after returning to the surface from a dive at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

travis pastrana freediving red bull

travis pastrana freediving red bull

The idea is that by learning to relax in difficult and physically uncomfortable situations (like diving to the bottom of the ocean), athletes will perform better in all areas of sport.

Watch this mini documentary as the athletes try to dive 100ft under water. Bet you can't make it to the end without trying to hold your breath yourself.

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