As if Wing Suit Flying isn't gnarly enough, these guys thought of a way up upping the jeopardy. Flyer Espen Fadness and free-faller Bjorn Magne Bryn took to the Romsdalen Valley in Norway - a spot they've both jumped stacks of times - to try something a little bit different.

The idea was for Magne Bryn to jump from a plane flying above the mountains, while Fadness leapt from the 1500meter high peak, below. As both descended, the pair had to meet in mid air, with the freefaller landing and then "docking" on his mates back, before riding him down to earth like a magic carpet.

The whole thing took two months of training and then masses of patience as they had to wait for the perfect weather. While it's undoubtedly impressive, we can't help but feel it reminds us of something...

Major Kong

Major Kong

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