Size US 13 left  Rugged Outback  boot, similar to the one found with a missing foot

A Mysterious severed foot has left authorities in Bolder, Colorado scratching their heads. The foot, severed clean from the owners leg and still in it’s walking boot, was found at the base of the Eldora mountain Resort at the start of July this year.

Initially it was though to be that of 20 year old Ryder Johnson, an employee of the resort who’s been missing since 17th January this year.

However, the local county Coroners Office have now confirmed that the DNA tests taken from the boot are not a match with Johnson, meaning the foot does not belong to him.

20 year-old Ryder Johnson remains missing

As such, the origins of the foot - a US size 13 still in a Rugged Outback men’s Apex Lather boot - remain a mystery.

A search of the vast 180 acre area, which includes eight miles of Nordic ski trails, continues as local authorities search for more human remains that match up with the foot, and for clues as to the whereabouts of the missing employee, Johnson.