Kickstarter is a breeding place for some of the most inspired and dumbest money-making ideas circulating the globe right now.

Most of the worst ones are rocket-powered - including this ridiculous pair of rocket-powered rollerblades.

Remember wheelies, those trainers kids used to wear with wheels on the bottom? Well, the ACTON RocketSkates are like electric versions of these.

Cause every couple wants to look like this...... Photo: Action RocketSkates


You step into them and roll around, controlling them by tilting forward to accelerate and backwards to slow down.

And obviously, there's an app. I bet you can already guess what that does.

This is no joke, there's a real legit marketing campaign going on. RocketSkates have still got 14 days to go - and they've already gained over eight times their target, a cool $428,000.

So, maybe there is a market for these contraptions after all? We're still not convinced...

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