Combination sports, as we've pointed out in the past, are a pretty weird thing. Roller Skiing is no exception. Skiing is rad. Inline skating is, well, less so. But the combination of the two?

When this American TV game show picked up on Roller Skiing, things started to improve dramatically. The concept was as glorious as it was simple: take a bunch of slightly exhausted, overly competitive meat-head duo's - professional wrestlers Lori and Bolo are a particular favourite - and set them unusual challenges.

Lori and Bolo

Lori and Bolo

One challenge was to Roller Ski down a slightly damp road for a couple of miles. Presumably used to more regular sports pursuits like basketball, distance running, and EATING SIX TONNES OF PROTEIN A DAY, the couples struggles with the novelty snowless skiing.

The result is the greatest use of Roller Skiing we've ever seen. Mile after mile of people falling on their arse, and getting really, really angry at their partners, who's competitive nature meant gentle encouragement was never on the cards.

TV producers of the world; more of this, please.

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