7 Photographers You’re Guaranteed to Meet While Travelling

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For as long as there have been holidays, there have been holiday photographers. People who capture instant memories of far off places in the simple push of a shutter-button.

Once upon a time, back when this was all fields, you’d be invited around somebodies house to sit through hours and hours of them sharing their shots of the Rhyl Sun Centre with you.

“Welcome to the age of the holiday photographer”

However, the march of technology has led to the internet being built on those fields, affordable flights connecting virtually the entirety of the globe, and now everybody has access to a camera that can take squillions of pictures and never run out of film.

This is the age of the holiday photographer. A staple part of going anywhere now is taking a tonne of snaps and posting them on social media for the whole world to enjoy (or in some cases, endure).

There are very definite, defined groups of snappers that cross over barriers such as age, gender, and place of birth. There are the holiday photographers to watch out for next time you have a boarding pass in hand.

The Party Animal


The Party Animal doesn’t care about the fact they’re in one of the most beautiful places on earth, or are faced with mind-boggling man made structures. The only time they get their camera out is when the drink starts flowing.

They always manage to get that picture of you screwing your face up after a particularly noxious shot of Belgian Acide Volcan, or throwing shapes on the dance floor while dressed as a slightly dishevelled Pokemon. They’re having a blast and they want to world to know!


The Tourist


The Tourist has no time for the artistry in the local chalet decorations, or the craft in the hand-carved benches that line the seafront. They go straight for the main attractions in any given location.

Eiffel Tower, The Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Opera House, The Leaning Tower Of Pisa – you name the sight-seeing monument, they’ve got it in their collection… AND NOTHING ELSE!

They’re mercenary, clinical, focused, and they’re here for your landmarks!


The Artist

Photo: Martin Moos /

The Artist is easy to spot as they’re taking snaps from angles that nobody else would think of. You’re busy admiring that 200 year old Alpine church, and they’re trying to get it reflected in the exhaust pipe of a 1998 Peugeot 206.

They’re constantly muttering about mise en scene and worrying about truly conveying their vision to their audience, who neither know or appreciate what their oh-so-Goldsmiths facebook buddy is banging on about.


The Carpet Bomber


Usually the busiest person on any given holiday, it’s as if The Carpet Bomber has the phone glued into their hand. They don’t trust their skills to get a good picture, instead playing the numbers game and relying on the fact that if they take 100 snaps of the same thing, one of them has to be at least half decent.

If you’re stuck with a Carpet Bomber, brace yourself to be in the same spot for a long time. “Hang on! I’ve almost got it” they’ll cry as they take their 60th picture of an innocuous drain cover.


The Gear Junkie


You can spot a Gear Junkie a mile off, purely because of the significant physical size they take up. While most of us are happy with the camera on our smart phone, the Gear Junkie will have a minimum of four different bulky DSLRs.

Each of these has at least two changes of lens so the Gear Junkie can get each and every image in the highest possible quality. The fact that they don’t need all of this stuff, and certainly have no idea how to use it properly doesn’t deter them.

Wearing the same clothes all week because they had no space in their luggage after the camera equipment went in, when they’re not setting up tripods and changing lenses, they’re busy telling you just how good and/or expensive their gear is. Theirs is a world of massive RAW files, perfect Kelvin ratings, and sore shoulders.


The Perfectionist


The mortal enemy of The Carpet Bomber, and yet the two are so alike that it infuriates them. The perfectionist will agonise over angles, light, framing, focus, and a whole host of things that don’t normally enter the mind of a normal human being. Not that they’d ever admit to it such concerns. They prefer to keep up the façade of being a natural photographer.

In reality, they spend an age at any given photo opportunity, methodically trying to get up the one perfect shot that not only represents where they are, but also captures the socio-political zeitgeist.


The Prankster

Ah, The Prankster: the self-appointed entertainer of the group who loves nothing more than using their camera as a weapon to annoy those around them. “It’s just a bit of fun” they insist as they break into your room to take a picture of you in the shower.

Favoured pranks involve calling your name while you’re busy, and quickly taking a snap the very micro-second you look up at them, or the modern classic, getting somebody to post for a photo, while actually taking a video.

Win a holiday for two to Chamonix with Three UK. Simply upload your holiday photos pics tagging @threeuk & @mpora and including the hashtag #holidayspam. Full details here.

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