You should all know and love Travis Pastrana by now. If you don't, then you should. He's the guy that nailed the first double backflip on a motocross bike, and he provides daily entertainment by doing mad shit with Nitro Circus.

He's also the guys who once decided it'd be a good idea to jump out of a plane without a parachute... and no, we're not joking. This happened a fair few years ago now, but it's one of those stunts that just gets crazier and crazier the more you watch it.

Talk about trust in your mates. Travis leaps out the plane, chucks in a couple backflips, then maneuvers a safe landing with his skydiving friends to complete the stunt  - all the while topless and wearing a pair of shades.

On the back of this stunt, scientists suggested that Pastrana's balls were so big that the sun actually orbited around them, a theory which has picked up significant backing in the years since as the athlete has continued to go above and beyond the norm.

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