snow weed

snow weed

"But duuuuuuuddde!" come the protests from your archetypal stoners "weed IS nature, maahhhn!" when questioned about putting narcotics into their body. But following recent police action in Haarlem, Netherlands, it appears that nature isn't so keen on this unlikely union.

Police raided this residential house after neighbours noticed that the snow was melting of one roof much quicker than any of the surrounding ones. During the raid, the Dutch fuzz reportedly found several large lamps, the kind often used to grow cannabis, and evidence of industrial-scale weed cultivation.

The heat generated by the large lamps was enough to cause the snow on the roof to melt, tipping off locals who alerted the authorities about their concerns. Reports of residents regularly leaving the house at midnight to buy Mars Bars from the local 24hour garage are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Picking up on snow melting unusually quickly has increasingly become a technique employed by the Police in the Netherlands who want to stop the production of illegal narcotics. However, this has apparently led to owners of indoor hot tubs and saunas also being the victims of dawn raids.

How long will it be before an indoor sauna is the plot twist in an episode of Better Call Saul?

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