In case you've never heard of Levi LaVellee, he's pretty handy on a snow mobile. He's won 10 X Games medals, seven of them golds, and all for doing incredible stuff on a 250kg snow mobile.

But, when you're the best at going upside down on a snowmobile and there's no snow, what do you do? Well, one option would be to sit around the house, listening to Billy Ray Cyrus while eating your body weight in corn snacks every single day.

But not our Levi. He decided to take his snow mobile to a lake and get a little rad. Now, it's not that uncommon to see snow mobiles aquaplaning across bodies of water, but LaVellee is no purveyor of the uncommon. Wanting to up the ante, he hit a kicker and backflipped his snowmobile.

This is massive...

This is awesome!!! I like your style @Davidburman90 ! #sendit #Repost @northernlightfilms・・・@davidburman90 is the first one to land a waterflip ever! Give this crazy dude a follow Congrats David!!! __________

Posted by Levi LaVallee on Sunday, 23 August 2015

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