As far as picnic accessories go, this might be the most ridiculous one we've ever seen.

The CanopyStair can be easily wrapped around any tree, to instantly transform it into a treehouse that anyone can climb up to.

With no tools required and a set up that only take a couple of hours, this seems like the easiest treehouse set up in the world.


Made of birch steps that grip to the tree trunk using straps,the stairs are made of thick neoprene pads to stop you slipping while you climb.

“Since tree trunks are all unique we had to design a system that would adapt to their uneven surfaces," says the designers.

“We’ve worked with the arboriculturalists at Hampstead Heath to ensure we are not damaging the tree."


While its a cool prospect to be able to chill out in any tree and have your own half built treehouse wherever you go, we're not totally convinced this is a gadget anyone really needs.....

If its cheap and light, then we're on board - but we're betting its the opposite.

If it does turn out to be expensive and cumbersome to carry, we'll probably just choose to sit in a shorter tree, thanks.

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