Artist and Roller Derby girl Riikka Hyvönen has merged the two worlds in which she's involved to produce this startling collection of work.


Called Roller Derby Kisses, the collection of giant, bruised backsides, came about when Hyvönen was practicing with her local team in the London Rollergirls Recreational League. "I started to pay attention to the girls’ habit of showing off the derby kisses on the side of the pitch".

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"I believe these images are charged with (mental) strength. They show that the player’s bodies can take the hits yet overcome the pain and still continue to play."


"I painted the bums to capture momentary marks that are seen in a completely different light in the mainstream than inside the subculture of roller derby girls."


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The painted bruises, seen as trophies by many of the women that compete in Roller Derby,  take on an almost astral appearance, albeit one that's writ-large across a buttock.


Some people may be critical of the pieces, suggesting that it's sensationalistic, or that it objectifies women. "Obviously, I am objectifying these women totally." admits the artist. "But I am doing it exactly the way they objectify themselves: their big and strong bums are assets and to be carried with pride.". We can get on board with that.

All images taken, with permission, from riikkahyvonen.com

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