Barefoot waterskiing is a pretty impressive feat in itself. Add a plane into the mix and have the riders popping press-ups with one foot holding onto the tow line, and you've got a vid that's enough to blow 'skurfing' fan Kelly Slater's socks off.

It's pretty much as close to walking on water as you're going to get without being Jesus.

But these guys are not the only ones to play havoc with planes...

Wakeboarders have been at it too.. with awesome results.

Then there's the guy that can tow planes with sheer use of his pony tail! Yep, this dude has hair follicles stronger than you'll ever be.

Or the Polish nutters who hooked their mate on skis to the back of a passing train. Needless to say, the police were hot on their tails. Skip to 2.00 when the action actually kicks in.

And finally, the classic clip that inspired them all. Marty McFly, legend among men.

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