Screen Shot: The Slow Mo Guys.

It's been a while , hasn't it? A while since we posted a video of something happening in super slow motion. Have you missed it? Don't answer that. We know. We know you've missed it. We've felt it in the air, and in the water, and in the tone of the persistent e-mails we get ("where's all the super slow motion stuff gone?...why haven't you posted a super slow motion video in absolutely ages?" etc etc.

Well, now, everyone just calm down. Stop throwing things at us in the street. We get it. We get the picture. You want more videos from 'The Slow Mo Guys'. And because we don't want to disappoint you, we've decided to serve up a big old spoonful of slow mo magic.

Watching the spinning ball spray water everywhere, in slow motion, like a backyard Saturn is pretty awesome but it's when the big heavy ball hits our favourite YouTube guinea pig in the face that things really go up a notch. Get this video in your eyeballs, and never be miserable again.

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