Screen Shot: YouTube (Mark Rober).

Some people like watermelons, some people don't. Some people spend all-day thinking about watermelons, some people think about them now and then, and some people never even give them a second-thought. Whichever bracket of watermelon-enthusiast you put yourself in, we still reckon you'll be mildly intrigued by this watermelon video.

Look at that screen grab of a watermelon (see top image). Look at it. Go on, stop reading this and have a good long look at it. After about 17 minutes of looking at that watermelon screen grab, with an occasional head-scratch thrown in for good measure, you have permission to return to these words that I'm writing. These words...

This! It looks weird, and unnatural (well done for looking at that watermelon screen grab for the entire 17 minutes by the way, we admire your stamina). Here's another watermelon screen grab for your viewing pleasure (see below).

Screen Shot: YouTube (Mark Rober).

Watermelon Weird Video

"What watermelon sorcery is this?!"

"This watermelon is the work of the devil!"

"I'm getting real sick of these watermelon screen grabs!"


Please, everybody, stay calm. There's no need to panic and/or hurl watermelons at my head. This strange watermelon has a rather simple explanation to it, one that will put all of your watermelon-based fears to bed. Watch the video, and be vaguely disappointed by the story behind the watermelon.

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