Ahead of the Commonwealth Games starting in Glasgow today, footage has emerged of possibly the least likely diving competitor we can possibly imagine.

Yes, it's Jason Statham. A.K.A Turkish, the cockney geeza from Snatch. Or Bacon, the cockney geeza from Lock Stock. Or Fank, the cockney geeza from... ah, you get the picture.

Anyway, it seems that before he was a cockney geeza for hire, young Statham was actually a competitive diver appearing in the Commonwealth Games in Aukland.

Well, actually, competitive might be being a bit kind. He managed only 8th in the competition and soon afterwards quit diving to find work as a model.

But still, crazy eh? What's the betting Paddy Power have started taking bets on Tom Daley's chances of turning to crime capers once he's done with diving? I'd love to see him do this scene...

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