Lives of the Artists

In snow, in surf, in music - indeed, in life - the same rules apply, the rules of engagement, the rules of mind, body and soul, the 'Rules of Art'. There are no easy rides. Suffering goes with the territory, with the terrain, and those who want it most must accept the rules. They must bear the deepest scars. And they know it, too. They accept it. They are scars that look different but feel the same, a burden they willingly bear, the gates of hell carried on their backs.

The snowboarder, the surfer, the musician, each is the master of his own realm, but they are all just Artists, men driven to extremes, consumed by that singular desire to leave their mark on the world, to carve their own scars deep into its skin.

Lives of the Artists is about those people. To most, they are different men of different ages from different walks of life. But look past the surface details, look closer, and you'll see the same thing. You'll see that they're not so different after all.

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