11 Unbelievable Videos of the Public Going Mental at Skateboarders

Skateboarding is not a crime, but these people seem to think it is...

There’s always going to be hostility between skaters and some bigoted members of the public, but sometimes people take it waaaaay too far.

From verbal threats and calling the police to punching kids square in the face and pulling out guns, this lot have completely lost the plot.

“As Aristotle once said: ‘Skaters gon’ skate, haters’ gon’ hate’.”

As Aristotle once said: “Skaters gon’ skate, haters’ gon’ hate”. OK so he never said that, but c’mon, why not live and let live?

Unless a skateboard flies up and hits you directly in the nutsack, why not just let kids get on with it? After all, it’s not a crime is it? Is it?

1) Crazy Bush Man

There’s angry, there’s incredible hulk angry and then there’s this guy. He really likes his err… bush and it shows.

Make sure you listen out at 2:22 when he proceeds to tell him how fast he can run for an “old fart”. This is all so intense, from start to finish!

2) Mental Guy Pulls a Gun!

So you’re having a casual skate in a parking lot and all of a sudden a crazy dude pulls a gun on you!

God bless America…

3) Drunk Aussie Struggles

This one’s a slow burner, but stick with it. Shit gets real from about 2.30. This Aussie dude is smashed and borrows a skateboard to “teach his daughter how to skate”.

We’re not sure exactly why it kicks off, but it’s mental when it does! Reminds me of that scene from Kids except this time it’s the non-skater swinging the board first.

4) Wannabe Gangsta

This wannabe Lil Wayne is about 12, but that doesn’t stop him ‘stepping to’ and demanding to know “whassup den?”

What’s up is his voice is still high and squeaky, and he’s threatening dudes twice his size. He’s just lucky he’s got a big brother to back him up…

5) Jobsworth Rent-a-Cop

Some people are right pricks and this rent-a-cop is no exception, letting these skaters taste the long dick of the law.

It all kicks off about 20 seconds in but it’s well worth watching until the end, when you get the classic “I’m walking away still shouting abuse at you but I’m totally ready to run” scene, a bit like giving someone the fingers below the car window as a kid.

6) Angry Mum Doesn’t Know Anything

This must be so embarrassing for the kid, having his mum come down and defend him in front of Mr Cool in the yellow hat. A child’s worse nightmare come true.

Case and point of when a mum has absolutely no idea what is happening. Jog on love.

7) Don’t Skate on the Pavement

This dad goes bat shit crazy when a 14-year-old skates down the pavement of his road. The red mist falls and the rest is history.

Even his wife is having trouble keeping this monster caged. As the lyrics of the song suggest, “that man is serious”.

8) These Runners are Fuming

Check out these jobsworths taking a ‘no skateboarding’ sign a little too seriously.

Don’t miss the game of cat and mouse with the older runner at 1:48. Trying to run away from a runner isn’t the brightest idea, but it’s pretty funny!

9) Skater Gets Decked

Well this punch was a little uncalled for… What’s worse is the kid is only 16! You gotta love the way Americans rip their shirts off when they start a fight though – what’s with that?

10) Brutal Policeman

Getting screwed over by the public is one thing, but getting done by the police like this kid has is another level.

We’ve watched this a few times and we still have no idea what the kid did wrong either. Pretty uncalled for if you ask us!

11) Call 911 Now!

You may recognise this lady’s voice from a certain dubstep track released way back in 2011. Just have a listen at 0:24 and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Nevertheless, it appears she goes crazy for some pretty trivial stuff including errr.. “illegal photographing”. When asked what they’ve done wrong, her list is incredible. Just listen out at 2:30!

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