15 Unbelievably Weird Skate Inventions That You Never Knew You Needed

The highs and lows of KickStarter inventions

6) SoloShot

Nowadays, most people have access to high definition cameras and editing software, usually all on a single smartphone. As a result, skaters have the opportunity to shoot their own skate vids and put them online.

But even with your camera, edit suite, and expectant online audience, you still need someone to film you. Unless you’re one of those weird people with actual, real-life friends.

However, all is not lost. The SoloShot is a camera with a tracking device, allowing it to follow your movements as you smith grind that ledge. Users wear an electronic armband that pairs with the mounting between the camera and the tripod. This then rotates to follow wherever the rider (or at least the armband) goes.

With the market for drone cameras on the ride, the SoloShot seems like a really good half-way-house, allowing skaters to shoot footage when they‘re out alone.

However, we also can’t help but think that some mucky couple will use it to enhance the production quality of their X-rated home videos. Grim.


7) Kee-board

So, this one’s just a bit crazy. The creators (“inventors” is a bit too much of a push) have managed to make the worlds of skateboarding and playing keyboard collide. A union of music and lifestyle that the world has been waiting for since… never.

In fairness, the man behind the Kee-Board does say that it’s an art piece. Call us philistines, but it’s just a keyboard stuck straight on to a skate deck. The outcome is neither a skateboard, a keyboard, or art.

At least the name is a clever play on words. Hang on, no it isn’t. No wonder this only ever got $10 of the $10,000 required to Kickstart.


8) OneWheel

This is kind of like the sideways Segway. It’s a board, wrapped around a large wheel that houses a motor. The makers claim it gives a gliding feel, more akin to snowboarding or surfing than skateboarding. Sounds amazing, right?

However, we question whether anybody could jump on one of these things and not look like an escaped circus performer.

The people riding in the film have got reverts down, but when the One Wheel goes close to a skate bowl, we found ourselves just itching for the rider to drop in, just to see what happens.


9) Grindstick

The Grindstick is the dream product for arsonists who’re a bit shit at skateboarding. It’s basically a long paddle that skaters can use to scoot themselves around with when conventional pushing just doesn’t cut the mustard.

With one of these in hand, you can look like one of those punts that paddle around rivers in Oxford. If that’s not exciting enough, the Grindstick has bits of flint sticking out of the bottom of it that produce sparks when they’re dragged across the ground.

We’re sure it’s effective, but we just don’t know why anybody would want one.


10) NoJack

This one is actually pretty good. Buying a complete deck can be expensive, and long boards can easily stretch into three figures. As such, having one nicked can be pretty annoying.

A NoJack is a small plate that bolts onto the trucks of your board and allows you to use a regular laptop leash to secure your deck to a fence, a lamppost, stranded pensioner, or whatever else is around at the time.

Either that, or you could just pick your board up and take in in the coffee shop with you.


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