6 Times People Tried to Reinvent The Skateboard… And It Ended in Disaster

Here's why you should never cross a skateboard with a tank

Despite the simplicity and efficiency of a regular deck, for some people a normal skateboard just isn’t enough.

Of course in our opinion, if it ain’t broke it doesn’t need fixing and the simple elegance of the 7-ply board, wheels and trucks has served skaters pretty well over the years.

But unfortunately none of that has stopped people trying…

The Sbyke

If the skater in your life is the indecisive type who is torn between riding on four wheels or two then we’ve got the perfect gift for you that will let them continue to sit on the fence.

Half scooter, half BMX the Sbyke (isn’t that a god-awful name by the way?) features a three cam bearing system, 10 ply maple board and fixed 20 inch front wheel so that your loved one can confuse everyone down the local skatepark with ease.

Or get beaten up.

The Stowboard

Is your deck taking up too much space? No? Didn’t think so. But that hasn’t stopped the guys behind the Stowboard putting a lot of effort into solving a problem that didn’t need solving.

Designed in California, this foldable ‘commuter board’ looks like the bizarre love child of a shopping basket and a Transformer and can be ‘stowed’ down small enough to fit into a backpack.

In case you hadn’t already realised, the Stowboard isn’t aimed at freestyle progression – the advert featuring an unconvincing commute to work by a business-suited lady and her luggage should be enough to tell you that.

The Skatecycle

Is it a board? Is it a bike? No, it’s the most amusing way to wipe out down your local park and snap both ankles.

The Skatecycle (another terrible name) is a two wheeled take on the regular deck, letting you ride sideways while looking like a human powered Light Bike from Tron. Combining the idea of Freeline Skates or Orbit Wheels with a flexible linkage that requires a tick tack motion to get going.

This design seems to flow pretty well on concrete but the main concern here is stopping, which judging by the video requires turning hard and putting your heels down. Backside headplant anyone?

The Longboard Stroller

It’s hard to see how any parent wouldn’t enjoy this idea. Strap a kid to the front of a longboard and go charging off around your local streets to the sound of gleeful childish giggles (your little passenger might also be laughing).

It won’t be long before some adventurous parents decide to hold their first baby jousting match…

The Longboard Stroller does what any good innovation does best, takes an everyday activity and makes it easier and enjoyable. Transporting tiny human beings around has never looked like so much fun.

The only problem is it surely can’t be long before some adventurous parents decide to hold their first baby jousting match…

The Rockboard Descender

Prepare yourself, because this might be the least radical thing you’ve ever seen.

The Rockboard Descender is officially ‘a skateboard dipped in awesome’. Apparently.

Doing away with boring things like wheels, the Descender is equipped with mini caterpillar tracks. The question of course is why?

Quite apart from the fact that it looks lame, if guys can tackle grass on regular boards and mountain boards are already capable of tricks like this who needs a Rockboard Descender?


For those skaters too lazy to actually get off their deck and push, LEIFTech presents a board that does all the hard work for you.

The LEIF is a carver which (they claim) mixes the sensation of snowboarding and skating with an electric motor so that you can enjoy that feeling of riding snow on your neighbourhood streets, all without breaking a sweat.

Apparently it mixes the sensation of snowboarding and skating with an electric motor

Able to reach speeds up to 20mph with an 8 mile range, 16,000 mile lifespan and wireless controller, the LEIF lets you shred the black stuff ’til your heart’s content minus the hassle of boring lift queues and physical exercise.

Still can’t see it catching on though…

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