The Best Skis For 2022-2023 | Our Favourite Skis For This Winter Season

Feast your eyes on our pick of the best skis for 2022-2023

Choosing the best skis for you can make or break your ski trip. Skis are the tools that can open up a world of new terrain, or turn the mountain into a nightmare. But why’s it so tricky to select the right ski for you? Well, that’s because, to be honest, there isn’t a one size fits all ski that’ll work across the board. One person’s dream single ski quiver will be another’s idea of a bad day out.

“There isn’t a one size fits all ski that’ll work across the board”

Finding the best ski for you will be based on your ability level, budget and, most importantly, where you like to spend the most time on the mountain. Park rats, ex-ski racers, freeride fanatics, and people who like to ski a bit of everything – there’s quite literally a pair of skis to suit any type of ski style, and this amount of choice can quickly become pretty confusing.

That’s where we come in. We’ve hand selected the best skis for the 2022 winter season to help you to select the right pair of planks. Still unsure about what the best pair of skis are for you? Then check out our full, in-depth, Ski 100 buyers’ guide where you’ll find 45 of the best skis out there for this season.

How To Choose A Pair Of Skis

Ski Widths Explained
How To Choose The Right Ski Length
Ski Shapes Explained
Ski Camber and Rocker Explained

Best Skis For 2022-2023


Head Kore 105

Why we chose the Head Kore 105: Playful, stable, durable
Lengths (cm): 163, 170, 177, 184 & 191
Sidecut (mm): 135 / 105 / 125 mm (184 cm)
Radius: 17.8m (184 cm)
Price: £640


The Kore series of skis from Head has frequently stood up as a category-leading ski for skiers who prefer a lightweight and nimble ski that’s able to hold its own through some pretty dicey snow conditions. The Kore series does this through a core construction that’s made up from a mix of Karuba and poplar. Carbon fibre and fibreglass then top this core to provide a great mix of power and dampening.

The 105 mm waist width makes the Kore 105 an ideal pair of tools to charge through freeride terrain, while still offering enough edge bite for when they’re brought back onto the groomers. A pretty modest rocker profile (given this waist width) works in line with the tapered tips and tails to provide manoeuvrability in soft snow and improved pressing and smearing.

Who Is The Head Kore 105 For?

Head has looked to improve the turnability of the Kore 105 by making some neat tweaks to both the construction and the shaping. These skis will suit playful skiers who are looking for a pair of skis that don’t have a speed limit, while still offering the possibility of turning up the fun dials across the entire mountain.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Head Kore 105 Review here

K2 Mindbender 99Ti

Why we chose the K2 Mindbender 99Ti: Powerful, damp, versatile
Lengths (cm): 166,172,178,184 & 190
Sidecut (mm): 134 / 99 / 120 (184 cm)
Radius: 18.6m (184 cm)
Price: £600


The Mindbender range from K2 has consistently impressed us with their blend of titanal power and clever shaping to provide a pair of skis that are not only happy being laid over on edge at speed, but are also confident in slashing the tails as a way to cut speed or play around on side-hits around the mountain.

And we’re glad to report that this is still the case with the new and updated Mindbender series from K2 for the 22/23 winter season. K2 has updated their Y-Beam technology, to create ‘Y-Beam 2.0’, which brings more weight out towards the tips and tails, while reducing it towards the centre of the skis (where it isn’t necessarily needed). This results in a pair of skis that retain fantastic levels of power, while still being happy to cut loose at will.

Who Is The Mindbender 99Ti For?

From race-trained traditional skiers to playful riders who value a pair of stable skis with very little speed limit, we recommend everyone from strong intermediates to experts get on a demo pair of Mindbender 99Ti this winter.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full K2 Mindbender 99Ti Review here

Faction Mana 2

Why we chose the Faction Mana 2: Playful, ‘chargey’, durable
Lengths (cm): 166, 173, 178, 183 & 188
Sidecut (mm): 131 / 102 / 127 (183 cm)
Radius: 20m (183 cm)
Price: £549


Blending a 102 mm waist width with a pretty newschool mount location and confidence-inspiring construction, Faction has produced an extremely powerful ski with the all-new Mana 2.

This powerful freestyle-inspired ski may sound pretty similar to Faction’s now discontinued CT range, and that’s because it is. The Mana series replaces Faction’s legendary CT range after the departure of Candide from Faction. Carrying all the hallmark traits of the CT range, we found them to be an absolute blast around the resort when testing them.

You’ve got a nearly fully symmetrical radius of 20 metres (for the 183 cm length we tested), with three different suggested mount locations to give you the option of varying the way the skis behave. A versatile rocker profile compliments this sidecut, with a fair bit of splay in the tips and tails for confident powder skiing while a nearly-twinned tail has been shaped for confident switch skiing.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Faction Mana 2 Review here

Atomic Bent 110

Why we chose the Atomic Bent 110: Fun, very light, future classic
Lengths (cm): 172, 180, 188
Sidecut (mm): 132/ 133 / 134
Radius: 18m (180 cm)
Price: £550


The original ‘Bent Chetler’ series has been around longer than I can remember. But it’s only recently that they have started to take over the Atomic’s freestyle and freeride ski department with enough options to please the whole family. There’s five skis ranging from 84 to 120 mm.

The Bent 110 features the HRZN tech tip and tail, which provides 10% more surface area for skiing the deep stuff without adding more weight. Not only does the HRZN tech give you more flotation, but it’s nearly impossible to catch your nose and also it looks really cool and surfy on the chairlift (if that’s what you’re into).

The 110 is great if you want to rip around the resort hitting side hits, doing cliff drops and just shredding the whole mountain. The shape of them also means they’re great for ripping carves on the piste, meaning you could give them to your dad when you’re done with them… if he’s cool enough, that is.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Atomic Bent 110 Review here

Scott Pure Pro 109Ti 

Mpora Choice Winner: Best Freeride Ski
Lengths (cm): 182, 190
Sidecut (mm): 142 / 109 / 128 (190 cm)
Radius: 23m (190 cm)
Rocker Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Weight (per ski): 2,000g

Give the Swiss freeride maestro, Mr Jeremie Heitz, the option to design his own ski entirely from the ground up, and you’ll come out with this, the all-new Scott Pure Pro 109Ti. As you can expect, it’s got some standard Heitz design: the Pure Pro is stiff, wide and carries a pretty demanding shape.

We were blown away by these skis while testing them out in Damuls, but it’s got to be said that they’ve got to be piloted by a pair of pretty capable legs, although with that said, we’d expect nothing less from a pair of skis designed by Mr Jeremie Heitz.



Selected for the Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Scott Pure Pro 109Ti Review here

Head Oblivion 94

Mpora Choice Winner: Best Playful All-Mountain Ski
Lengths (cm): 163, 170, 177, 184
Sidecut (mm): 128 / 94 / 118 (184 cm)
Radius: 22.8m (184 cm)
Rocker Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker

The Head Oblivion 94 is a twin tipped all-mountain ski that loves to play across the entire mountain – and that’s the exact reason the skis were selected as an Mpora Choice Winner. . Being a ski designed to thrive in and out of the park, the Oblivion 94 has a burly build – both the bases, topsheets and  sidewalls are incredibly durable to survive box hits and shark infested sidecountry.

If you’re a playful intermediate – expert rider who likes the idea of a single ski quiver that can excel in the park, then the Oblivion 94s have to be at the top of your list. They strike that ideal combination of a playful shape and rocker profile, with an all-mountain platform, giving you a tool that’ll be happy no matter where on the mountain you find yourself.

Selected for the Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Head Oblivion 94 Review here

Armada ARV 106

Why we chose the Armada ARV 106: All-mountain ripping, no matter the conditions
Lengths (cm): 172, 180 & 188 cm
Sidecut (mm): 134 / 106 / 124 (180 cm)
Radius: 20.5M (180 cm)
Price: £540


We loved the versatility that the ARV 106 had to offer when we had them out on test. Confident as a freestyle ski, carrying enough width to mix things up across the entire mountain and packing enough power to rip on the groomers at speed, the ARV 106 is a real ‘jack of all trades’ ski that matches that middle ground between just about anything.

Armada has brought in some important updates to the 22/23 version of the ARV 106. The first of these tweaks includes boosting the stiffness, which not only ensures the skis remain planted at speed, but also helps to boost the overall stiffness of them. Next up Armada’s edgeless base really helps to enhance soft snow performance and makes for an easier release of the tails.

Who Is The Armada ARV 106 For?

If you’re a playful skier who’s looking for a pair of skis that can really do it all, then the ARV 106 should be right at the top of your ‘Must Demo’ list. The blend of a burly flex profile, playful shaping and durable construction make them one of the most exciting freestyle-oriented skis our test team got on last season.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Armada ARV 106 Review here

Blizzard Brahma 88

Why we chose the Blizzard Brahma 88: Powerful, damp, fun
Lengths (cm): 165, 171, 177, 183, 189
Sidecut (mm): 110 / 88 / 128 (177 cm)
Radius: 16m (177 cm)
Price: £550


The Blizzard Brahma 88 combines an extremely powerful construction with a narrow platform to create a pair of skis that are able to offer bags of power and an energetic snap that make laying powerful turns on groomed snow an absolute blast. Because of this, the Blizzard Brahma 88 was one of our favourite carving skis on test.

Blizzard has tweaked the Brahma a touch for the 22/23 winter season in an effort to make them a little more manageable for the everyday skier. First up is an update to their True Blend woodcore that now features three different core materials to optimise flex and stiffness where it’s needed. In this case, the Brahmas now feature a softer tip and tail to help with easier turn initiation.

Who Is The Blizzard Brahma 88 For?

It’s little surprise that the Brahma 88 has become a category-defining ski. By combining a narrow platform with an energetic, yet approachable, construction, the Blizzard Brahma 88 appeals to a wide range of skiers looking for a pair of extremely capable skis that are an absolute blast on the pistes.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Blizzard Brahma 88 Review here

Black Crows Navis Freebird

Why we chose the Black Crows Navis Freebird: Classic, nimble, powerful
Lengths (cm): 167, 173, 179 & 185
Sidecut (mm): 136 / 102 / 116
Radius: 19 m
Price: £720


The fluro-green look of the Navis Freebird has kind of become synonymous with the European touring scene. Spend a bit of time on a classic ski tour in the Alps and you’re almost certain to come across someone lugging a pair of these uphill. And this thanks, in part, to some savvy marketing by Chamonix-based Black Crows, but it’s also thanks to the ski’s ideal blend of versatility and low weight which makes for an extremely confident touring ski, no matter what the conditions or where on the mountain you’re touring.

Who Is The Black Crows Navis Freebird For?

While perhaps not the most groundbreaking or technologically advanced pair of skis out there, the Navis Freebird is an extremely solid ski that can be relied upon no matter what the snow conditions are. A smooth and damp build provides a predictable and confidence-inspiring ride, while the clever use of progressive rocker keeps these skis noble in tight terrain. We’ve got a feeling we’re going to be seeing yet more of these fluorescent planks on the skin tracks this winter.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Black Crows Navis Freebird Review here

Elan Ripstick 96

Why we chose the Elan Ripstick 96: Versatile, light, powerful
Lengths (cm): 164, 172, 180 & 188
Sidecut (mm): 136 /  96 / 110  (180 cm)
Radius: 18m (180cm)
Price: $699


The Elan Ripstick 96 has not only established itself as one of the most popular all-mountain skis, since an essential redesign last season, but it also became a firm favourite between the Mpora test team during the test circuit last season. This is all thanks to a mix of technologies and materials that blend together to produce an extremely predictable ski with that all-mountain sweet-spot waist width of 96 mm.

Not only is this an extremely capable all-mountain ski but, thanks to the 1,650 gram per ski weight, it’s also entirely possible to drill a ski touring binding to the Ripstick 96 and you’re left with an extremely high performing pair of skis that can also explore backcountry and off-piste terrain with poise and confidence.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Elan Ripstick 96 Review here

Line Blade Optic 104

Why we chose the Line Blade Optic 104: Powerful, versatile, fun
Lengths (cm): 171, 178, 185, 190
Sidecut (mm): 132 / 104  / 123
Radius: 19m
Price: £610


There are four skis in the Blade Optic Collection coming in at widths of 92, 96, 104, and 114mm. All of them have their uses but this 104 covers the all-mountain freeride category. I’ve witnessed, through my very own eyes, talented Line Team member and New Zealander, Ben Richards go to town on these bad boys (day in, day out).  Claiming the title as the most versatile ski in the range, the 104 covers all corners, crevasses and couloirs of the mountain. It’s the business.

So, who should ride the 104 Blade Optic? Well it would be easier to answer who shouldn’t quite frankly. From park rats to Mr. Slalom, these skis cater to a wide range of skiers on the mountain. The Blade is made for people who want to rip the whole resort and don’t want to be slowed down by their skis. A great ski covering a great deal of skiing. Line’s really done something special here.

Selected for the 22/23 Mpora Ski 100. Check out our full Line Blade Optic 104 Review here

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