Featured Image Mermaid

Mermaids. No longer are these nautical mythical creatures relegated to your fancy dress box and festival attire. Mermaid-themed clothing is in - and it is everywhere right now.

Meet The Real Mermaid Who Can Hold Her Breath For 6 Minutes

From subtle seashell necklaces to mermaid onesies, it's clear that everyone wants a piece of the mer-world right now.

So, embrace you inner mermaid and click on through. We can guarantee you'll want at least one of these items by the end of this article....

Mermaid Denim Jacket Ragged Priest

We are loving this embroidered denim jacket from The Ragged Priest

Mermaid Fish Tail Blanket

Yep, there is such thing as a blanket shaped like a mermaid tail. Buy it here.

Mermaid Bikini Ariel

In case you want to look like Ariel at the beach this summer... Buy it here

Mermaid Hat Cap Cakeworthy

Mermaid caps, they're all the rage nowadays. Buy it here.

Mermaid Shell Necklace Red Truck Designs

This is pretty - for those who don't want to be over-the-top with their mermaid style. Buy it here.

Mermaid Onesie Ariel Disney

Sleep in an Disney Ariel onesie. It used to be on sale at Macy's but it's not anymore *sobs*

Mermaid Knee High Socks

Anyone else feel like these are messing with your mind? Buy them here.

Mermaid Key Chain Keyring

I am. I promise.... Buy it here.

Mermaid Do It Better Tshirt Asos

They do, you know... Buy it from ASOS.

Mermaid Phone Case Cover

Subtle, but shiny. We like. Buy it here.

Mermaid Yoga Outfit Leggings Fish

Meditate in your seashell bra! Buy it here.

Mermaid Tights Pantyhose

Another optical illusion for you to ponder over... Buy them here.

Starfish Mermaid Hair Clip

Don't buy real ones - only artificial! This one can be purchased here.

Mermaid Skirt Black Milk Clothing

Swish it, swish it.... Buy it here.

Starfish Mermaid Ring 11 Main

Gold bling on your ring. Buy it here.

Mermaid Baby Grow Onesie

Too cute.

Dont Be Such A Mermaid Vest Tshirt


Mermaid Cocktail Hip Flask Asos

Because everyone needs a mermaid cocktail... Buy it here.

Mermaid Swimsuit Allens Swimwear

At least this one is practical... Buy it here.

Mermaid Handbag Purse Asos

Because everyone needs a giant shell to keep their house keys in... Buy it here.