Can You Surf On A Snowboard? 5 Of The Most Insanely Inappropriate Things That People Have Ever Surfed On

Sponsored Feature: Robby Maddison, Jamie O'Brien, and others catching waves on things that were never meant to float...

Since former world champion Steve Davis invented surfing back in the late 1950’s the world has been going nuts for arsing around on waves. But, for too long, people have been obsessed with surfing on, well, on surfboards.

Where are all of the originators? The innovators? The mavericks? The people who rip up the rule book, and refuse to conform to the rules created by a polite, yet totalitarian society? Where are the mad men and women who surf not on surfboards, but on other stuff?

Search no longer, dear reader. We’ve found them and, by Jimminy, they’re a treat.


Chuck Patterson is a former pro skier who switched over to paddling around in water. Surfing, kayaking, kite surfing and even SUP fill up old Chuck’s filofax these day.

However, back in 2011, he got the skis out of the loft, dusted off the cobwebs, and took them to one of the gnarliest waves on the planet, Peahi in Hawaii. or, to get it it’s more chilling name, Jaws.

Patterson didn’t just survive the tow-in to the monster wave though, he tore it a new wax-job. Just count the legit carve after legit carve. Patterson skis waves better than most people ski mountains!


Jamie O’Brien is one of the best know, not to mention gnarliest surfers on the planet. His mate Poopies, however? Well, he’s less so.

However, when Jamie, Poopies, and the rest of their crew headed down the Mexico looking for monster surf, our man saw his opportunity to shine. With gigantic sets rolling in, and a bit of persuasion from O’Brien, Poopies grabbed an inflatable dinghy and paddled out.

Granted, it didn’t end too well for the boy Poop who got pitted hard, and afterwards, he admitted “I almost fucking died!”. But his pain was surfing’s gain. That day, the dual shackles of both conformity and common sense were broken forever. Bravo, sir. Bravo.


Now, before we start, we know there will be a certain percentage of surfers out there who’ll argue that this definitely isn’t surfing. “On a wakeboard! What is this heresy!” they’ll no doubt cry, while shaking their fist towards the sky, appealing to a god they don’t believe in.

But wait, this is actually pretty rad. Pro wakeboarders Danny Harf, Shane Bonifay, Daniel Watkins and Shawn headed to the relative size of Ballina Beach in Australia, where they tried a bit of tow-in-wake-surf-thingying. Legit? Yeah, we think so.


They don’t call Aussie daredevil Robby Maddison “Maddo” for nothing. Certainly not. It’s because it’s a kind of shortened version of his second name.

Handily for us in this situation, Maddo’s also pretty nuts. Not content with being one of the best known and most respected people ever to swing a leg over a motorcycle, he’s broken his own world record for traveling the furthest through the air on a bike numerous times, aired onto and then back off the Arc de Triumph in Las Vegas, jumped over Tower Bridge in London, took his bike of an olympic ski jump, and doubled as James Bond in Skyfall.

But, this year he topped all of this by taking a modified bike onto the South Pacific ocean, and surfed one of the deadliest waves in the world, Teahupo-o.


“It’s going to be wet, and it’s going to be wild” promises an attractive 20 something at the start of this video. But fear, you don’t have to switch your browser to private. This is surfing on snowboards, not Busty Vicars 7. Few!

We say that, we have to admit, this isn’t strictly surfing on snowboards, more pond skimming, but it’s still moving across water at high speed on something that’s not a tri-fin shortboard so, just like an unpopular Brazilian, we’re claiming it. And you’ve just seen somebody surf on a motorbike. What more do you want?

Of course, there are still those of us that think surfing is best on a traditional surf board. We know, call us boring – and you’d be justified doing so after we’ve just told you about these boundary busters doing anything but.

Ben Skinner is not only one of the greatest surfers the UK has ever produced, he also makes and shapes boards. Ed Leigh and Phil Young tracked him down in his Cornwall workshop, before heading out on a mission with Skindog himself, on the hunt for waves.

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