Photo: iStock / Mpora

The next generation of GoPro will let you make 3D movies according to reports. Master Herald, a tech blog, claims that the forthcoming Hero 5 camera will be able to capture footage in full 3D, meaning that you can relive those sick barrels, or on slope slams almost as if you are actually there.

The action camera market is becoming increasingly competitive, so it wouldn't be surprising if the market leader was to try and stay ahead of the curve by adding the ability to shoot in 3D to their arsenal.

However we can't help but be a bit sceptical - as far as we're aware Master Herald is the only site to have reported on the alleged function, and they don't cite any sources for their information.

They claim that along with its 3D capable double lens, the new camera will feature the ability to shoot up to a laptop-busting 8k - big enough to play on a screen the size of Canada without a drop in resolution.

As yet nothing has been confirmed by GoPro however. But it's safe to say that we're already pretty excited about the prospect of a shiny new box of action cam magic coming to life early next year.

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