Assuming we quietly skirt around genuinely bad things like weapons of mass destruction, FGM, and the career of Piers Morgan, there is little else worse in this world than a selfie stick.

Selfie sticks are the physical manifestation of much of what we despise about 21st century culture, and it's narcissistic obsession with the shallowest, most superficial version of ones self.

At this juncture, we stress that, conversely, we're all for POV poles, which are essentially the same thing, but used by action sports sorts to film themselves on runs, and not by mindless tourists taking pictures of themselves outside of Nando's in Bradford, all in the name of gaining Facebook approval from people called friends but, let's face it, share as much mutual love for you as a dog does with a lamppost.

Yep. We're not down with selfie sticks. However, for reasons it'd probably take a psychologist to explain, we bloody love Guns Replaced With Selfie Sticks - a blog that, well, it replaces guns with selfie sticks.

It takes gun-toting stills from famous films, and replaces the fire arms with extended selfie sticks, compete with camera-phones pointing back at the one-time aggressor.

Maybe our love for the Guns replaced With Selfie Sticks blog is because it perfectly captures the pacifistic notion of shooting with a camera, in stead of a gun, and therefor, in it's own, tiny way, making the world a more beautiful, less violent place as it replaces the blunt-force machismo of a firearm with the absurdity of a selfie stick

But, more realistically, it's probably because it's just a bit silly. Either way, we approve.

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