If you thought fishermen were all docile creatures, like your dear old granddad, think again. This video shot in San Diego, earlier this year, shows the moment a drone felt the explosive wrath of a disgruntled fisherman. Well, OK, it's not exactly "explosive wrath" but you get the idea.

We're not sure if it's the sound of the drone hovering nearby that irritated him, or if one of his more laddish fisherman friends dared him to do it; all we know is that the footage clearly shows the man attempting to reel in the drone. And, in fairness to him, the accuracy of his cast is extremely impressive.

That being said, drones are expensive dude. Don't attempt to deliberately destroy one. How would you like it if we vandalised your box of worms? You probably wouldn't like it would you? You'd say something like, "Hey there, stop playing with my worms."

And then, in response to that, we'd take off our mask and say, "We are here to avenge the drone you tried to destroy. You remember? It was San Diego, the sun was shining, you were on a pier." Yeah, man. Revenge is coming for you. Revenge is coming. 


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