Motorola have launched an action camera called the VerveCam+ that’s designed to put viewers right into the heart of the action, exactly when it happens. The Motorola VerveCam+ can hook up with your smartphone (both Android and iOS), letting you livestream amazing 2.5k footage directly to your YouTube channel.

Gone are the days of coming back from a snowboard, surf, or mountain bike trip, and telling your friends about that that wave you caught or the cliff you dropped, which weirdly increase in size every time you recount the events. With the Motorola VerveCam+ the world can watch from their own living room as you hoon it down the Harikiri run in Mayrhofen or catch the sunrise when you’re wild camping.

Happily, the VerveCam+ is waterproof up to a depth of 25 metres with its waterproof case, which is more than enough for most people's diving exploits, let alone getting a few splashes of mud on a soggy mountain bike trail in Scotland.

The 138º wide angle lens with video stabiliser is ideal for capturing action sports, and weighing in at just 61 grams, you’re not really going to notice it stuck to your helmet, backpack, or wherever else you mount it to capture the action. The internal memory lets you capture 90 minutes of action, which you can increase with an micro SD card up to 35gb.

The new Motorola VerveCam+ action camera weights just 61 grams

The new Motorola VerveCam+ action camera weights just 61 grams

Here at Mpora, we’re yet to actually get our hands on a Motorola VerveCam+, so a few questions remain about the regular action cam issues, including how well it copes in low light, how it handles sound recording, and how adjustable the camera’s settings are. But, from what we do know, the Motorola VerveCam+ looks like it will be an exciting addition to your next adventure.

The Motorola VerveCam+ is available now for £149.99 with a waterproof case, belt clip and tripod mount. The accessory action pack, which include aditional mounts, costs an additional £39.99.

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