Photo: Aditya D. / National Geographic

Travel is one of the most adventurous and rewarding things a person can do. There's something about it that enriches the human soul. It educated the mind by challenging stereotypes, and exposing it to new experiences.

This is, of course, unless travel only takes you as far as the inhumane biological experiment that is Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.

As a celebration of the human need to see the world, National Geographic have launched their annual Travel Photographer Of The Year competition. The work submitted thus far has been breathtaking.

If you've got some travel snaps lying around and fancy a stab, the competition is open until the 27th May this year, so get cracking if you want to enter.


Photo: Andy Dines / National Geographic


Photo and caption by Angiolo Manetti / National Geographic


Photo: Ari Ross / National Geographic


Photo: Gaby Barathieu / National Geographic


Photo: Julia Wimmerlin / National Geographic


Photo: Marja Schwartz / National Geographic


Photo: Shivesh R. / National Geographic


Photo: Caroline Micaela Hauger / National Geographic


Photo: Hiroki Inoue / National Geographic