1) When PhotoShop inexplicably crashes on you when you're midway through a big project

Photographer GIF Reactions Emotional IT Crowd Computer

2) When you see something you really want to photograph, but both your batteries are out of juice

Photographer GIF Emotional Reactions Sad Crying

3) When you get the perfect shot

4) When someone thinks regularly using Instagram and being a photographer are the same thing

5) When you spot something weird in one of your old photographs that you never noticed until now

Confused GIF Photographer Emotional Reaction

6) When someone tries telling you that any idiot can be a photographer...because of "technology and stuff"

Angry GIF Emotional Reactions Photographer

7) When you want to buy loads of brand new camera equipment, but haven't got enough dollar

Emotional Reactions Photographer

8) When someone flashes their camera in your face, and you feel like your eyeballs are literally melting

Emotional Reactions Photographer

9) When you've finally saved up enough cash to afford that new camera equipment you've had your eye on

Emotional Reactions Photographer

10) When your memory card gets wiped before you've had a chance to back up the photographs


11) When you change the settings on your camera, and you're satisfied with the changes

Emotional Reactions GIF Photography

12) When your camera stops working, and you have to give it a little hit to get it going again

Emotional Reactions GIF Photography

13) When you see a photograph that's so good, it makes you fall in love with photography all over again

14) When you visit your favourite photographer's new exhibition, and your face goes something like this

15) When you see people walking around with selfie-sticks, taking nothing but selfies

16) When someone asks you what you do, and you tell them you're a photographer

Emotional Reactions GIF Photography

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