This portable photo development box is the ultimate gift for the hipster photographer in your life.

These days, most of us take photos digitally, be that on a DSLR, an action camera such as a GoPro, a smartphone, or anything in between. However, there are a whole bunch of people who, for a myriad of reasons, remain firm lovers of shooting photos on film.

Unlike digital pictures, analogue photographs need to be developed from film, which involves taking your negatives to a specialist development lab, or converting a chunk of your own house into a dark room.

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But no more. Thanks to Lab Box, you can have your very own portable dark room that you can take anywhere in the world with you, meaning you can bore your friends with photos of Iranian street art without having to find a local Snappysnaps to develop your shots. Ideal.

Lab Box isn’t available yet, but is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. Happily, it’s already flew past the €70,000 requested, reaching almost €450,000 last time we checked, so it wont be long before we see these on the streets of your nearest hipster district, along with penny farthings and portable record players.

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