Question. Do you know what the inside of a camera lens looks like? You say that you do but, like, do you really though? Because up until we watched this surprisingly interesting video of a Canon camera lens getting sliced in two by a 60,000 psi waterjet cutter, we didn't have a clue.

"Maybe there's a tiny art studio in there," we'd say to ourselves whenever the question popped up "...yeah, a tiny art studio with a little goblin who's really good at painting, painting the outside world for us whenever we take a picture. That seems like it could be plausible. We'll go with that."

In the same way that we've never properly understood how our car works, choosing to put its mysterious workings down to some sort of wizard magic occurring whenever we put our foot on the accelerator, we never truly knew what was happening inside our photography gear. That is, until now...

Actually, wait, do these guys even know what they're talking about?

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