10 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You’re A Super Cool Adventurer On Instagram

Moral of the story: You should NEVER trust the internet

We all know those people on Instagram who are constantly on an adventure. They’re climbing a mountain, sailng around on a sup board, eating coconut on a tropical beach, wild camping with their mates and biking trails every single time you log on.

These guys have the perfect life and the perfect Instagram feed, but there’s good news for the rest of us. If you’re simply too damn lazy to go on an actual adventure and way too fond of your sofa, you can still have an Instagram just as impressive as the people who get up and go on them.

Just follow these ten handy tips and you too can be a badass adventurer this weekend. Even though you’re actually spending it drunkenly eating dominoes on your kitchen floor at home.

  1. Tailor your account

    While most people fill their Instagram feeds up with photos of their meals, their children, their loved ones and their pets – this is not the way of an Instagram adventurer.

    All posts most be carefully considered to promote the look of an adventurous, yet well curated life. Any photos that show acton sports, healthy living, beautiful landscapes and far off places are the kind of thing you’re looking for.

    Posts of your weekend group hike are allowed, posts of your plastered mate and Friday night pizza binge are not. If what you’re doing isn’t rad enough to post, then find a colourful object – say an orange – and take an artistically close up shot of that instead. Sorted.

2. Caption photos with inspirational statements

Instagram adventurers don’t just go on adventures, they live them.

Caption all posts with a vague yet suitably inspiring quote such as ‘Not all who wander are lost’ or ‘Let’s wander where the wifi is weak, so we can find a connection.’

These quotes, along with a stellar filter, are great for making an afternoon dog walk in the field behind your house suddenly have more gravitas. You’re not walking, you’re seeking. You’re an adventurer.

3. Be Geographically Mysterious

Is this lady waking up on a morning in the mountains of New Zealand, or has she quickly taken her jacket off for a shot in Wales while the rain has stopped for five minutes? We’ll. Never. Know.

Good filters can hide a multitude of weather related sins. Yank up the brightness and saturation and be a bit mysterious about where you are.

No one will know and because you’re super cool they will probably assume it’s somewhere remote and wild, even if in reality it’s actually just Barry Island.

4. Take Lots of Photos Outdoors With A Cute Dog

I miss this dog and the other 199 huskies at @ruka_huskies ❄ | #visitfinland #finland #lapland #huskies #husky #huskypuppy #puppylove #snow #dogsofinstagram

A photo posted by Stuart Kenny (@stuartkenny92) on

Snow – check. Outdoorsy shot – check. Cute dog – check. This is a grade A adventure Instagram shot.

As with most things on the internet, if you add a cute animal to an Instagram post, it’s sure to be twice as popular. Many of the most in vogue adventure channels are based not only around an adventurer, but also their trusty animal sidekick.

If you’re going to post a picture of your Saturday spent up a mountain, make sure you nick someone pooch for two minutes and get them involved.

5. Use The Right Hashtags

#Blessed #FreshAirAndFreedom #LiveLife

….Yup, hashtags do their job. Your post look slightly more adventurous just for the fact that their on there. We don’t know why, that’s just how it works.

The best thing about them however is that they do the job of linking you up to everyone else who uses them and must therefore also be rad adventure types, which brings us on to or next point….

6. Make Internet Friends With Other Adventurous Accounts

Growing family

Making internet friends with other adventurous people is one of the best things you can do to give yourself a more adventurous Instagram. Along with boosting your followers (anything under 12,000 really doesn’t look good) it makes you look way more important in the advneture world.

A comment from surfing legend Bethany hamilton? You could digitally live off that rep for months to come. Friends in high places, that’s how the world goes round.

7. Stock up on plane window photos

Plane window photos are the original humble brag, what better way to point out what a jetsetter you are than a feed full of photos taken from the sky?

Showing that your on your way somewhere awesome, without having to say where your going? That gives the perfect excuse to post a follow up photo revealing our awesome destination.

Next time your on a plane, stock up on the window photos in all types of weather and light. You never know when you might need to spruce up your account on a boring week.

8.  Take Photos Of Your Awesome Gear

Is it cold in the office today, or am I just excited about the upcoming season? Kind of hard to tell. (Granted, the goggles are arguably a step too far). #winter #cold #snow #snowboard #snowboarding #snowboardingisfun #snowboardingtime #snowboardselfie #dragonalliance #weareframeless #bataleon #bataleonmagiccarpet #lobster #lobstersnowboards #specialinterestgroup #switchbackbindings #passenger #passengerclothing

A photo posted by @jrenhard on


Even if you’re not doing anything particularly rad, showing off your cool stuff will still get you adventurer points.

Whether its your new surfboard, snowboard, skis, skateboard, bike or just a pair of goggles and helmet, get them posted. Don’t forget about point five, get hashtagging the brands to show everyone what an ambassador you are.

9. Make iStock Your Friend

Beautiful beach and waves of Caribbean Sea

Now we’re not saying it’s honest and we’re not saying it’s right. But for the most hopeless cases out there, iStock is a thing.

Full of photos of mountain landscapes and sunny beaches, farmers markets and morning bike rides. If you ain’t got it, fake it.

Just don’t think we wont all make fun of you when you’re found out…

10. ….Actually Go And Have An Adventure

Freeride Madeira charging


Just go on an adventure.

By the time you’ve put all this effort into making yourself look rad online, you may as well have spent all that time actually doing the stuff everything thinks you’re doing.

Of course you can still build an awesome profile online to show people the adventures you’re actually having, but here’s a surprising secret..

If you’re off going base jumping, surfing, hiking, travelling…we bet that you won’t even have time to think about whether to update your profile or not!

Now turn off the computer and go do something awesome.


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