Fed up with Zumba and had enough of yoga? We've travelled to Cologne to bring you the latest exercise classes you need to try if you're looking for something a bit different down the gym. So if you want to stay one step ahead of the curve, read on and find out the 5 best new fitness classes we've seen at FIBO.

1. Piloxing

pilloxing fibo gym class

What is this class?

It’s a non-stop cardio monster that features Pilates, boxing, ballet dancing, pumping beats and a screaming instructor. It claims to tone, strengthen, burn calories and test your endurance.

Who’ll enjoy it?

The mix of fitness styles means that there is something for everyone, but we have a feeling it’s going to appeal more to ladies than gentlemen. And the fact the demonstration featured six women and zero men did nothing to dissipate this hunch.

Everyone at FIBO had their hands and feet in the air like they just didn’t care

Is it the future of fitness?

Definitely. Everyone at FIBO had their hands and feet in the air like they just didn’t care, and anyone who currently attends a Pilates, kickboxing or body attack class is going to feel the same way.


2. Pound

pound fitness

What is this class?

It's a drumming jam session. No, really, we’re serious. This full-body cardio workout features two weighted drumsticks and was devised by two American fitness enthusiasts who wanted to recreate the sweat-inducing rush they get while rocking out on the drums.

Pound is already popular in America and some small fitness studios in London and Scotland

Who’ll enjoy it?

Everyone from wannabe rock stars to fun-loving grandparents to people who just like banging stuff on the ground. The inventors claim it’s equally fun for people of all fitness levels and can prompt class members to burn over 900 calories in an hour.

Is it the future of fitness?

It’s two thumbs up from us. Pound is already popular in America and some small fitness studios in London and Scotland. It will make its bid to conquer the UK’s bigger chains this summer. Which just leaves one question: are you ready to rock?


3. Jumping Fitness

jumping fitness

[related_articles]What is this class?

It’s the strangest, but most fun thing we’ve seen in ages. A session where people burn fat, gain muscle, stretch and build their endurance by completing a set series of movements while bouncing around on a mini trampoline.

Who’ll enjoy it?

Did you not read the bit above? You get to jump about on a mini trampoline! What’s not to enjoy?

Is it the future of fitness?

Our heart wants it to be, but our head worries that a lot of gyms will shy away from this workout for two reasons. First, the ceilings in their studio ceilings aren’t high enough. Second, people who mess around may get injured. Don't worry though, you can always buy your own.


4. The Masala Bhangra Workout

masala fibo dance workout

What is this class?

Have you ever watched a Bollywood film or the choreographed dancing at an Indian wedding? It’s pretty much that, only without the cameras and the wedding cake.

Who doesn’t like busting some moves while singing along to Jai Ho?

Who’ll enjoy it?

Although this class claims to tone, strengthen, build stamina and fit into the high-energy bracket, it’s more sedate than something like Piloxing. For this reason, we expect it to attract a slightly more mature crowd.

Is it the future of fitness?

There's every chance. After all, the fact it's been devised by international fitness star Sarina Jain (a.k.a. 'the Indian Jane Fonda') should give it some pulling power. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t like busting some moves while singing along to Jai Ho?


5. Flexi Bar

flexibar fibo gym work out

What is this class?

It’s a series of exercises designed to strengthen your back and shoulders, while toning the rest of your body and burning fat. Slightly bizarrely, it’s based around a making a bar that looks a bit like a non-pointy javelin shake, and then holding it in different poses.

Who’ll enjoy it?

It’s going to send people who like fast-paced cardio classes to sleep. But it should be a hit with people who have back pain or shoulder issues and any athletes looking to work on their shoulder form.

Is it the future of fitness?

In a word: no. A small band of people will really love it. But its snail-like pace means that we can’t see it wooing mainstream fitness fans.