bum tone

A properly toned bum looks good in jeans; it sparks jealous stares when packed into swimwear and provides much-needed shove for both cyclists and runners.

  • Most bum-toning exercises will also stregthen your thighs, legs and back
  • You won't need any equipment as most bum-toning exercises are body weight driven and can be done at home or at the gym
  • Combine simple exercises with your usual cardio routine and you'll have a behind worthy of Beyonce in no time
  • Mix up your exercises to make sure you are working as many muscles as possible

So shape those glutes up nicely with this range of handy bum-toning exercises

Are you feeling lazy? The lovely Zuzka has a super easy butt workout you can perform at home.

4 Exercises to Shape Up Your Butt the Lazy Way

by ZukaLight

The guys at Fitness Blender have a brilliant express workout that's designed to 'tighten and lift your booty'.  

5 Minute Butt Lifting Workout by Fitness Blender

Cassey Ho from Blogilates, a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, teaches you how to get a 'Bubble Butt'. No Fairy Liquid required.

Bubble Butt (Clenching my Booty) Workout by Blogilates