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The six-pack has become the modern fitness Holy Grail - it requires dedication, a clean diet and the ardour to avoid those post-work pints. If you want to know how to get a six pack, here's a round-up of the best six pack exercises including tutorials, videos and everything else you need to get stronger.

You'll learn a range of key tips including:

  • You don't have to be in search of a washboard stomach to benefit from stronger abs though, as improved core muscles will help in a number of disciplines, including running, cycling and even that upcoming mud obstacle course
  • You don't need any equipment to work your abs - simple exercises repeated regularly is all the work these muscles need
  • Getting an ace six pack isn't just about exercise, it's about making sure you are eating the right food to fuel your body and burn off excess fat so you can show off your abs

The Best Six Pack Exercises

First up is Mike Chang from Six Pack Shortcuts who has dedicated his life to achieving the ultimate washboard stomach. Follow this 7-minute routine for super fast abs. With its three simple six pack exercises - crunches, scissor kicks and bridge planks - you'll have a six pack like Mike in no time... honest.

Super Fast Abs Workout by Six Pack Shortcuts

If the American accent is grating, why not try this ace 10-minute ab workout from the UK-based Lean Machines? Grab a mat and follow these three simple exercises - hill climbers, the plank, and side plank - and your abs will definitely get a thorough workout.

Abs: The Lean Machines 10 Minute Workout by Tonic

A great-looking stomach isn't just made in the gym; it's also concocted in the kitchen. Follow these 13 exercise and diet tips by Athlean-X to get ripped fast. From training your obliques with a leg raise to nutrient fusion where you combine protein and carbohydrate (starchy and fibrous) on your plate at all times, getting a six pack never looked or tasted so good.

Six Pack Abs Shortcuts by Athlean-X