squat thrust

The squat-thrust is an absolute classic move that's long been in the public consciousness – you've probably seen black-and-white newsreel footage of WW2 soldiers performing them in cheery formation.

The squat-thrust is fairly easy to perform, and fairly easy to master – you just need to know how, and then you can squat thrust to your heart's content. Spoiler: they can knacker you out pretty quickly.

  • Done correctly, squat thrusts work your lower-body, heart and circulatory system
  • Make sure you keep your back nice and flat
  • Technique is key - get it wrong and you'll compromise the results - lots of work for no gain

Who better to teach you how to do a squat thrust with true, correct form than a bona fide Olympian – Britain's own Louise Hazel. Fifty seconds is all that stands between you and squat thrust mastery...

How to Do a Squat Thrust by Louise Hazel

For a slightly more in-depth breakdown on how to do a squat-thrust, here's Dr Fred Roberto from Maximized Living with four minutes of knowledge-dropping.

Workout of the Weet: Squat Thrust by Maximized Living

Got it? Cool. Time to challenge this lady to a 'how many squat-thrusts can you do in 60 seconds' contest...

Challenge Me One Minute Squat Thrust by See Jane Sweat

Did you win? You may as well say you did, no-one will ever know.