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Fully Naked And Super Stoned: 10 Wackiest Yoga Classes In The World

You're not a real yogi till you've done a class in your birthday suit...

Yoga is a pretty hip past time at the moment.

If you’re into sport, live in a city, put effort into being healthy and like to stay in shape, chances are you go to a yoga class.

Normal yoga seems to be losing popularity at the moment however, as weirder and weirder alternatives pop up. While Bikram and Vinyasa yoga are still the best out there, many people seem to want to add their own little twist on their classes.

We decided to round up the strangest yoga classes in the world, in case you want to spice up your workout routine (or just want a bit of a laugh.)

1) Gin Yoga

This Gin Yoga class is called YinB4Gin (that’s Yin Before Gin). It’s currently running in central Manchester and combines two of our great loves. An hour of yoga and a gin and tonic.

Find it here

2) Naked Yoga

Want to feel totally liberated? Why not try naked yoga.

First set up in the US, there are now various classes around London and all over the UK. Apparently the experience leaves you feeling calmer and more rejuvenated than any other yoga…

We might take their word for it.

3) Stoner Yoga

Based in Los Angeles, 420 yoga is a yoga class for stoners.

Expect a particularly long, relaxed class with people in tie dye tshirts, lots of smoke and brownies.

Find it here.

4) Beer + Yoga

Yoga classes have started popping up in breweries all over America.

The idea is you practice a 45 minute to an hour long class, and then stop for a quick pint of ale to finish off.

This could be the class for us! Fingers crossed they pop up in the UK soon….

5) Laughing Yoga

It may seem a little wacky, but laughing yoga is geting a lot of attention at the moment for its benefits.

“Your body doesn’t know the difference between fake and genuine laughter” says the site.

“As long as you are willing to laugh you will get the same psychological and physiological benefits of laughter. It is a combination of deep yogic breathing and playful laughter exercises.”

6) Voga Yoga

How of Voga is one of the hippest yoga classes in London right now.

This high impact class uses aspects of yoga, dance and of course ‘vogueing’ to create a good cardio workout.

Find it here

7) Doga Yoga

Pic Bruce Adams / Copy Unknown – 21.10.13
(L to R) Niki Roe with her miniature Pincher ‘Diddy,2, Teacher Mahny Djahanguiri with her Maltese Terrier ‘Robbie’, Nicole Ettinger with her Highland Maltese ‘Roxy’ and Emma Simmons with her Miniature Poodle ‘Wesley. – Yoga master Mahny Djahanguiri who runs dog yoga sessions for owners and their dogs pictured at a west London studio.

For those people who like to do everything with their four legged friend….

“Doga isn’t just about the physical. Doga is the sacred union between Dog and owner” says the website.

“Having your dog included in your yoga practice enables you to observe “your attitude” towards yourself and all living beings and get a deeper insight and understanding of behaviour patterns that arise from the mind.”

Find it here

8) Drake Yoga

Named ‘Namasdrake’, this yoga class practices yoga to the music of Drake.

Is it weird? Yes. Are we interested? Definitely.

Find it here

9) Snowga Yoga

Now this is a yoga class we can really get on board with!

Practicing yoga outside is a great experience, especially when you’re somewhere beautiful.

So many people practice on the mountain in summer and the beach, so why not in the snow? Plus, it will get you warmed up and ready to spend your day on the slopes!

10) Stiletto Yoga

This yoga class all based around making it easier to walk in heels.

By strengthening the muscles in your feet, legs and back, you can get the proper posture and healthy foot function that will make wearing stilettos relatively pain-free.

We might just stick to our normal yoga and flats still….

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